When I said that we’d be tking a short break, I honestly didn’t expect us to be “off the air” for so long.  My humblest apologies to our readers (all 4 of you), and a special shout-out to Zohner for posting something up for us.

Things have been ultra busy in my life for the past couple months; my new job has started to get really busy, I’ve restarted my education (again), and my wife’s home business has started to pick on clientel.  Life is busy, but good.  The only stress that’s really effecting us is my class schedule, and the time it takes from my wife and I.  In order to minimize this stress (and maximize my class time) half of my classes are online classes. 

Back when I graduated high school, people thought it was amazing that I could apply for college over the internet.  My mom gave me loads of crap because I hadn’t been stressing about which collage I was going to apply to, if my grades were good enough, if I had a portfolio ready to present to admissions, or any of the other typical things students worry about while applying.  In typical teenager fashion, I told her “Pfft, I did that weeks ago, Mom.  I was accepted and am already scheduled for classes.”  To me the internet was the way of the future.

Now, it’s the way of the present.  Two of my classes are online, and they bring a new set of challenges.  While they are incredibly convientent, it can be awfully hard to remember your assignments when you don’t have a teacher actually telling you face to face when to turn them in.  Normally, this means that I (and a LOAD of my classmates) are submitting everything in on Sunday, the last day you can turn things in.  You can expect the system displays some slow-downs as its inbound traffic increases, and at times you wonder if it’s doing anything at all.  Other times . . . it’s painfully obvious it’s not doing anything at all.

See, the website is maintained by the technology department and as part of their training, students are charged with updating and optimizing the site.  It’s fine in theory; a real world lab for students to modify a transaction website.  In it’s execution, however, it’s clear that some of these students have no business ever touching a computer.


It's been like this for the last 14 hours.

It's been like this for the last 14 hours.

 Now, I know that the best way to learn is “hands-on”.  I’ve also been in the technology field for quite a few years, so let me give some “hands-on” advice (should you be one of the people who decided to drop our only way of submitting homework on time).  Ready?  Here it is.

DON’T **** WITH A LIVE SYSTEM, YOU MORON!!!!  If you’re about to do something to a site/server/computer/anything that you KNOW a whole lot of people are going to freak out about, DON’T DO IT!!!  Virtualize the server, copy the site to a test environment, run a simulation.  Do anything other than mess with the actual site!  This is the stuff that gets  you fired out here in the “real world”!  And gives me an “incomplete” in your little protected world.  🙁


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Co-founder of and Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident ‘tech-head’ and de-facto leader of the group.

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  • zohner

    Very good point, Zuke. This semester, half of my classes are online, even the textbook. This means that when a server goes down or an internet connection is buggered, so am I. People need to just leave things that are working fine alone.

  • Alexander

    Ditto. I’ve been graduated for a little while now, but when I was back in school, I had the same problem. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to upload a critical assignment to a crashed server with buggy software.

    Except maybe trying to upload a critical assignment to a crashed server with buggy software while a dentist who got his degree in Bangladesh pulls your teeth and forces you to watch reruns of Hannah Montana dubbed over by Sanjaya Malakar. I think that would be more annoying… just barely.

  • zohner

    Hannah Montana with Sanjaya dubbing while sitting in a dentist chair? How could you ever come up with such a horrible, horrible punishment. That would be more effective a deterrent to crime than the death penalty.

  • Schmidty

    At least Sanjaya would have beat out Hannah Montana if she were to compete in American Idol. None of Montana’s fans would be able to vote because their parent’s got them a Disney phone that can only dial 2 numbers. Hey… I wonder what the world would be like if Miley Cyrus did her hair up like Sanjaya did. Would she be more popular?

  • zohner

    LOL @ Schmidty