I saw a single ad for this on TV.  I’ve maybe caught a banner for it on a website.  Exactly what is going on with this movie?

I want to see it, in any case.  Looks at least funny and interesting.


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  • Halley

    “It’s not sexual. .. not that you’re not an attractive woman. . . maybe on a different day”

    Looks cute! I have’t seen Will Smith in a while. . .

  • sonofoma

    This flick has been previewed since the first of the year. Basically, what I gathered about the story line (sorry if anyone considers this a spoiler) is that he is a reluctant super hero. He has these amazing powers but couldn’t control them and got in a lot of trouble with the government and goes into hiding. The world comes into danger and he is the only one that can save it so is forced to become a Super Hero again and gets a complete makeover and eventually saves the day…

    I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this flick as I am a huge Will Smith fan.