SDfiles-036-FeaturedWelcome to SDFiles where we, Zohner and Schmidty, will discuss anything and everything paranormal, metaphysical, crypto-zoological and otherwise strange.  This week we talk about the mysterious holes appearing in Siberia, an AI teaching itself video games, awesome UFO video footage, and some weird alien abduction encounters.

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UFOs and Aliens

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Code Monkey Extraordinaire. I like to code, and there's not many programming languages I don't know at least at a beginner's level, though I focus more on web-programming since I believe that's where the future is.

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  • RD Williams

    I don’t think we will need to worry about DeepMind being the first steps toward Judgement Day, as it will become addicted to video games and won’t want to be bothered with taking over the world. 🙂