We are down a man as he learns to cope with “Internet Withdrawal” .  We ask that you pray for him as he goes through what must be a terrible time.  Also, EAGLE!


Hi Guys,

No feedback lately, mainly because you haven’t talked about anything financial and ballsed it up.  While you have been talking about things that I have views on, my apathy is kicking in and squashing my follow through.

Now – that said, I have kept one of your podcasts on my iPod so that I can re-listen to it … the one that discussed the AV software.  That was most timely as my McAfee annual subscription had run out the day before and I had been reviewing what I wanted to do.  I ended up going with the same software but I chatted to a McAfee sales rep and got it for 60% off.

I also have other AV apps going but I find the most useful is a daily backup (with weekly archiving) followed by a restore to the latest ‘clean’ backup if (when) I get infected.  I call it my scorched earth virus protection method.

One last thing … when am I getting my invite to be a guess chatter (or is it chattee)?




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