This week our cousins from across the pond give us a LOT to talk about.  They’re just like us anyway . . . only they don’t call it “sausage”.

Hi guys,

Thought I would drop you a line after your recent discussion about the London 2012 coverage or your lack of 😉

Over here in Jolly old England we have got pretty much every base covered.

The BBC always provides coverage for any Olympics as well as the majority of big events of similar stature.

We have 4 BBC channels here in the UK, of which 2 are providing coverage live through the whole day. At points they may even get a third channel also providing coverage.

As well as the channels, BBC provides an interactive service where they broadcast every event live and you can choose to watch whatever you want. This is easily accessible (you just press the red button on your remote) and is easy to navigate. It also provides the full schedule for the events.

On the BBC’s on demand service you can also choose to watch some of the shows after the fact.

All sports are provided with commentary on each service, and what’s more the commentators are all sports personalities themselves. And for the majority they mainly only appear on sports they have been associated with. So having these types of people calling the shots they are providing much more insight than Joe Bloggs could.

I found it interesting when you said about commentators repeating themselves to get on the highlight reel. This is something that doesn’t happen over here. The commentary is only repeated if they are later showing highlights or repeating the event. If highlights are being shown on the news or other shows most of the time the clips are shown with no commentary.

Between events they do provide interviews but only ever with the athletes, previous athletes or experts. No random celebrities here for the most part.

Our coverage is vary fair, if their is an event where we have one of our big athletes competing it will be broadcast on BBC one. But other than this all events no matter what country is competing is given an equal amount of love and attention.

This treatment isn’t something specific to the London Olympics as this level of coverage was exactly the same at the previous Olympics as well as the winter Olympics, which we are absolutely crap at.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Much Love




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