Tu n’est pas un ananas!

Oui! Je suis l’ananas!

Trust us, it will make sense!

Thanks for your answers to the questions I sent you a few weeks ago. It’s just too bad no one else sent you any…

By the way scientists have been talking about some interesting and possibly alarming things having to do with immortality for humans, you may want to look into it if you have not already.


Question: Are your handles (Zuke, etc) your actual names or handles?  I thought they were so … errr … off the wall that they had to be handles (eg Neo instead of Mr Anderson).

Comments: Have you seen this … http://www.optimum.net/laptop/
Cablevision / Optimum Online is letting me watch TV on my apple iPads or my windows laptops.  They don’t allow the app to install in desktops.  What have they got against desktops?




Comicon News:

Fast Lane:

Talking Point:
Constant hero reboots.

Zuke’s Favorite: The unboxable unboxing video
Zohner’s Favorite: Thomas Jane likes to punish
Stark’s Favorite: Lady Gaga meets steampunk violins
Schmidty’s Favorite: Written by a Kid

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