Shout out to our new artist Lauren Castillo.  You should totally go see her site and tell her how awesome she is!  The tangent troll can’t stay away, two of us have Spotify, RIM has no idea it’s being left behind, and the topic list goes on a diet.  And FAILS.

Feedback: Mason writes “I will be getting my first smart phone next week (Galaxy S 4G) and I was wondering what are the *Must Have* apps for android?”

Hosts: Zuke, Schmidty, Stark, Zohner



Video Game News:

Movie News:

  • Dark Knight Rises teaser is leaked.  Who cares?
  • Groovy…..Evil Dead 4 confirmed by Bruce Campbell

Lightning Round:

Zuke’s Favorite:  How boys really play and why women will never understand us
Carl’s Favorite: Captain Kirk meets his match
Schmidty’s Favorite: Make Everything Okay button
Zohner’s Favorite: Nyan Cat is progressive


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