Cosplay was everywhere at Salt Lake Comic Con. In fact, there were more people in cosplay than could be counted. Except by the fire marshal. (If you were there on Saturday, you probably know what we’re talking about.)

These pics are a sampling of what we witnessed. They are in no particular order, but if you see yourself, feel free to let us know who you are and what day you were in costume.

If you want to see more of our pics from Salt Lake Comic Con, feel free to visit our Facebook page.

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  • Awww man, this is one of the biggest collections of pictures I’ve seen, but it doesn’t have my costume in it?

    I had 108 pictures taken of me and I can only find two. 🙁

  • Sorry Mars! We took a LOT of pictures, but for the most part it was all people who came by our table. Who were you dressed as?

  • Cheap Wookie Costume.