Typos can be funny things.  Especially when the typo ends up being a completely different word that could still fit.

My step son got his newest book order from school the other day, and as always didn’t give it a second look.  If he had, I’m rather sure he would have just been glued to the page with the Transformers book on it.  My wife saw it instead and described it to me, explaining we should get it for him.

“It talks about Optimus Prime and Unicorn and . . .”

“Wait, who?  You mean Unicron, right?”

“Look for yourself!”

img026Now, I know what it meant to say.  And I know what an easy mistake that is to make (especially if the person editing it has no clue when it comes to Transformers).  That being said, I suddenly had the mental image of Orson Wells playing a planet-eating Unicorn and the Transformers all fighting him.  It really makes me wish I was better with Photoshop to give you guys some sort of graphic representation of it.

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  • zohner

    Transformers versus My Little Pony… What a one-sided match. Those ponies would destroy Optimus Prime. NO! WAIT! Crap… I’ve said too much.