There is a big debate among different geek camps, and it usually boils down to a case of “my hero can beat up your hero.” The great Star Wars vs Star Trek battle. The one that usually forgets all sort of things like scale, technology, or the fact that it’s all fictional.

I recently started trying to compare some of my favorite ships from various Sci-Fi franchises, only to realize I was really comparing apples to oranges.

For instance, I love Firefly/Serenity. Love it, love it, love it. And anyone who says they have seen it and don’t love it, are lying about seeing it. The Serenity is a Firefly Class-3 frigate. Frigate is the keyword there. In nautical terms, a frigate is larger than a corvette, but smaller than a destroyer.

The long and short of all this means that though I love Serenity, I wouldn’t want to take it into battle.

Ah, but all those Star Wars nerds are screaming at their monitors right now; “The Millennium Falcon has guns and torpedo tubes! You could take that into battle!” Sorry, no. The Falcon, as cool as it is, is one third the size of Serenity. No joke here, it’s only slightly longer than the Delta Flyer

So, here’s some quick little comparisons that geeks like to make, along with their comparative size differences:

  • Enterprise vs Star Destroyer – The 1701-E Sovereign class ship is 685m, while a typical Star Destroyer is around 1.5km long.
  • Galactica vs Enterprise – Might actually be a better fight, since the Battlestar is 610m . . . except for the whole “shields” thing.
  • Andromeda Ascendant – 1400m long (and covered with weapons)
  • Super Dimensional Fortress Macross One – 1300m long (and turns into a robot to boot!)
  • Daedelus Battlecruiser – 650m long

So, all the fighting nerds out there who keep making fan videos and sending annoying emails about how their franchise is the best can just keep quiet! None of these ships were ever meant to see each other, and most would implode as soon as they were introduced to another fictional universe anyway.

Besides, everyone knows Optimus Prime would just beat everyone else.

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