Doctor Who makes an announcement.

Doctor Who makes an announcement.

Rumors have been flying fast and furious.  David Tennant, our current resident Time Lord, took some time away from the show to work with the Royal Shakespear Company (with Patrick Stewart).  Usually when something like this happens on a BBC production, the actors are moving on.  Yes after much deliberation, David announced that he would be leaving the TARDIS when the scheduled Doctor Who specials have been completed.

This sucks.  But it is official as you can see here:

With the article was an interview with David about his decision to leave.  As I was watching it David mentioned how excited he was to see how they would do the regeneration scene.  The BBC literally gets to kill the main character of a hit show and have the show continue.  The regeneration scene was originally conceived when William Hartnel (the first Doctor) decided to leave the show.  The script writer, Gerry Davis, proposed that the alien doctor could have the ability to die and return with a new body.  This would allow them to continue the show with a younger actor in the lead role.  Recasting kept the show fresh and allowed it to continue for 40 years.

I think this is a perfect example of how Science Fiction can help enhance a storytelling opportunity.

After watching the interview on the BBC site, I started thinking about the various regenerations we’ve seen over the years.  Through the power of the internet, we can re-live them now.

Doctor Who Regenerations

How will the 10th Doctor be forced to regenerate?  Even David Tennent dosen’t know.  I can’t wait to find out.

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  • zohner

    I have honestly only seen one episode of Dr. Who and it was when I was 9 or 10. I keep thinking that I need to get into it so that I’m not mocked at geek parties but I never have. Maybe once a tenth Doctor is introduced to the world, I’ll find the time to start watching.

  • Haha!

    “Hello um .. .. hmm, new teeth. That’s weird. Where was I?”

  • John

    Think I also read somewhere else that David Tennant will also be in the first 4 episodes of the new season.