I tend to notice odd patterns in things.  I don’t notice when people are telling things straight to my face, but I notice when every third ant is carrying bread when the other ants are carrying fruit (why every third? is it a coincidence?  are they doing it just to mess with me?  time to check wikipedia).

One of my previous observations came when Squishy and I were roommates and needed some entertainment.  We went to the video rental store, and I noticed that movie covers follow a certain pattern; if a woman is on the cover of an action movie, see if she’s armed or not.  If she’s not, she’s the helpless victim/love interest.  If she has a gun, she’s a good guy.  If she has a knife, she’s evil (and usually deranged).  Sounds odd, I know, but go down to Blockbuster and keep this in mind when going up and down the isles; it’s never wrong.

Case in point:

Oh, but no!  That last one is a trick!  See, swords are ok.  It would seem that in the United States, swords and guns are hero weapons.  Knifes, axes, and hatchets are the villain weapons.

That’s an old observation, though.  Why bring it up now?  Well, I’ve had another one.  This one is for commercials with food: If there is food being shown in any restaurant commercial it will always been shown in the same manner.

Steak: covered in some sort of peppered char.

Chicken: being cut open

Shrimp: in front of fire

Pasta: something is being sprinkled on it

Salads and fish I haven’t quite figured out yet.  I will though.


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  • Halley

    Salads are generally being tossed, I have noticed; like mid-air flying tomatoes and crutons! Unless, they have shrimp on them, then they are being zested with a lemon.

    I don’t pay enough attention to fish commercials. . . plus, all I usually see are fast-food fish commercials, like Long John Silvers and Ivars, where it’s all fried. Then it’s just usually a photo of it in its cardboard basket or a smiling blond waitress carrying it to the table.