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There is probably nothing more cliche than an out of shape geek.  The idea that fitness naturally eludes us, that we simply dwell on our computers or at TVs or game consoles, that we never see sunlight, or that we get winded when walking up the stairs is a pretty prevalent one in society.  The big problem is, is that it’s not always an unjustified image.

Sure, we may not be the Doritos-inhaling, Mt Dew only basement dwellers that the jokes would have people believe.  But more often than not we spend more time at a computer or working on our high scores than we do working on ourselves.  And who can blame us?  Many of us work on computers as a living, rolling on office chairs between monitors and phones doing office work.  You don’t often see us with a day job that isn’t considered “sedentary”.

That’s me, at the moment.  Of all my friends, it might surprise you to know that I was once considered the athletic one!  I played soccer for years, swam for my high school (still hold a state record), and loved backpacking and mountain biking. So what happened?

Life, to be simple, happened.

It’s no secret that your metabolism typically stops when you leave your teenage years behind.  College, marriage, kids, divorce, and other life events can also mess with your weight as well.  As for me, I went from working out every day at swim practice and eating 4000+ calories a day (and still losing weight) to a dead stop on both working out and metabolism.

So where does that leave me now?  I am now 31 years old.  I have four children and am on my second marriage.  I wake up at 6:00 AM to drive over an hour to work, work until 5:00 PM, and drive an hour and a half back home (no, that doesn’t add up to me either, but everyday it’s the same).  I get home, spend time with the family until the kids go to bed, and then it’s “Me Time”.  Typically, I blow off the day’s stresses by gaming or catching up on my shows.

You can see how that would all lead to some weight gain.

So here’s the plan.  Over the next few weeks, I will be trying different things to help lose weight and reporting back to you here.  Some things might help you, some might not.  I’ll be using whatever tools and feedback I can get to help maintain the hobbies I have (which, let’s face it, make us what we are), while still getting healthier.  And I’ll be doing this leading up to the New Year, when everyone else will be making the resolution to lose weight.  I figure this way I’ll have a head start on figuring out HOW to do it in the first place.

Today’s entry: I weigh 285.2 pounds and am 35.6% fat.  Not a great way to start a day!


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