Didn’t it used to be the plan for April Fool’s Day jokes to be funny to some extent? I specifically remember laughing at jokes performed on this day. What happened? Oh yeah, the internet happened! Suddenly, all the unfunny people out there can show the rest of the world just how clever they really are!

Jeremiah’s post below actually was a good little gag. It took minimal time on his part, and was probably very effective for the original site that produced it.

IGN’s example of “we have too much time” is a perfect example of people who just don’t really understand the idea of a joke. Almost as bad is the Assassin Solid video that popped up, though at least that one shows some impressive meshing.

The sad EGM article not only worked very hard at deceiving many people, it went so far as to do it a month before April 1.

The worst example is probably here at work; I come in this morning to find two boxes of Krispy Kreme out for some coworkers. This is nothing new, as we often have bagels, or sweet rolls, or donuts out for everyone. However today as we opened the boxes, there’s just a note inside that says “April Fools!”. No one has yet to fess up to being so unimaginative, not to mention late.

Since when did April Fools become an excuse to show how much you can lie or deceive people in poor humor? Further more, where is that line that separates the April Fools from the April Douche?


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  • Jeremiah

    While I used to be a huge fan of April Fool’s Day, thanks to the advent of the internet, it is now a day in April where fools show how much they suck. I remember when websites were actually original. Now it’s just one lame “joke” after another.

    Zuke, I’m glad that you liked my little video. I stumbled across it and anything that will scare somebody is very funny to me. Admit it; you know that you jumped. If only one person fell off of their chair, then my post was a success.

  • Zuke

    Actually, I didn’t. Normally those things get me, and this one was really well done. He really got you to look as carefully at the screen as you could, looking for just the right service to stop.

    However, I was so interested in the idea he was presenting that I was actually annoyed it wasn’t real. >lol< I think this sort of gag needs to be taken to the next level, though. Instead of some sort of “scary” picture, we really need a horrifying picture to replace it. Same sound, but a picture of Hillary or Cheney instead.