It would seem (according to the poll we’ve had running) that no one likes the orange Vincent that is rotated up in the banner randomly.  Some people have noted how they like R2 or the Centurion, but no one likes Vincent.

I can’t blame you, I didn’t vote for him either.

I’d like suggestions from others as to what droid should replace Vincent for the orange color scheme.  You can make your suggestions via the comments box, or by using the contact form (the seldom used “Contact” tab up top).

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  • Alexander

    For orange? Definitely HK-47! Misanthropic, homicidal assassin droid. 😀

  • zohner

    GAAAAH! I came up with the idea for Vincent. Why didn’t I vote for him? I failed him…

  • Squishy

    Not quite a true robot, more of an AI, but what about Kit from the original Knight Rider.

  • Lacey

    number 5 alive!!

  • zohner

    Optimus Prime. ‘Nuff said.