All the Pron – #301

Stolendroids Podcast

Leaked image of the Microsoft Safety Team in action.

It never occurred to us who would need to actually go through all the smut on the Internet to make sure it was all (ahem) legal.  Turns out it’s a very shell-shocked group of people who have PTSD!  Great.  Good job humanity.

Meanwhile, Iran hates the stuff so much that they tried to block it. They blocked it so hard, they knocked people in Hong Kong offline.  Great.  Good job, Iran!

We also learn that the FBI is after all the “stuff” on your Nana’s computer.  At least, that’s what they’d have to be after since they’ve contracted with Geek Squad to look into people’s computers and it’s not like anyone ELSE is taking their stuff into a Best Buy to be fixed.

Nothing makes sense this week.


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