Laughing Crying Emoji

Zohner is in control and so you know there will be lots of talk regarding security breaches and hacks in which his data was compromised. Seriously, this guy has had so many steal his personal information, it’s a wonder he’s still able to get a loan. But now there’s a twist… It’s not his him who has been compromised in the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hack.

Also, there is a new Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year which is basically a picture of someone who gladly suffers from Epiphora. For those of you who are not medical experts, Ephiphora is an overflow of tears onto the face. A clinical sign or condition that constitutes insufficient tear film drainage from the eyes in that tears will drain down the face rather than through the nasolacrimal system. I’m sure it’s a serious condition that affects at least dozens of individuals. I’m glad to see that those Oxford scholars can mock the afflicted as they do.


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