wormhole stolendroids


Remember how back in the day we’d get all warble-y and sound like we were talking through a wormhole?  Yeah, it turns out it hasn’t gone away.  Only now, instead of making us sound like rejected prototypes for Darth Vader, now it just drops one of us from conversation randomly!

Listen and see if you can tell when it happens, and to whom!

We have Apple with vulnerabilities (and Google no where to be found to tell them about it!), LEGO everywhere, and Madea’s Mutant Ninjas.  It’s an odd episode, to be sure.


Zuke’s Favorite: There are MANY better things to watch when the world ends.

Schmidty’s Favorite: Dorkly: If Sega Owned Mario

Collin’s Favorite: Star Wars Celebration Film Festival, Utah takes home major awards

Zohner’s Favorite: Awesome lockscreen replacement