blackberry bogus

The only thing missing from Blackberry outrunning Death is the Benny Hill theme playing over it all.


Amazon is launching . . . something! Twitch gets hacked . . . somehow.  Android will remain unlocked . . . for some reason.  Man, I really wish Schmidty was here to explain this for us!

In other news, PayPal does just about the dumbest thing we can think of for an online payment company, you can create a spin off by just adding a word to the title, and Zohner & Collin want to clean their eyes out with bleach after seeing the new Deadpool picture (or at least what it’s inspired by).

Just Google “Burt Reynolds bear rug”.


Zuke’s Favorite: The Windows Waltz

Collin’s Favorite: Can’t Resist the Dark Lord Funk

Zohner’s Favorite: Keep track of your TV watching


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