"Do a Dalek, do do a Dalek."

“Do a Dalek, do do a Dalek.”


It’s the final days before Comic Con and so we excitedly present you with . . . almost nothing.  Seriously, how did an entire week go by with almost nothing happening?!  We did get an awesome question from a fan, however, and to him we say “Enjoy”.

Zuke’s suggestion: Be the NSA with Blackbar 

Schmidty’s suggestion: A remake of an old favorite, Legend of the Green Dragon


Zuke’s Favorite: Japan is really raising the bar on pranks

Zohner’s Favorite: Manage justice from the comfort of your desk

Schmidty’s Favorite: Man of Steel 2 Trailer – Fan Made

Stark’s Favorite: Zombieland rules applied to The Walking Dead

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