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  • A recent survey found that 58% of American adults believe video games directly contribute to violent behavior.  However, it also showed that 38% of American adults have no clue what the ESRB ratings are and 33% let their kids play whatever they want.  In the end, a survey recently found that about half of American adults have no clue about video games.
  • The popular Twitter app for Android, Falcon Pro, hit its 100,000 token limit earlier this week meaning that new users could not use the app. To discourage new users, the developers raised the price to more than $130. After resetting the tokens, the price is now back to normal and new users can take part in the awesome. The whole fiasco just goes to show that Twitter hates developers.


Talking Point: Where will the next copyright fight come from?  Look ahead and see 3D printing  as that battlefield.

Zuke’s Favorite: The Lost Grey Poupon Footage
Zohner’s Favorite: Kill everyone. Feel good about yourself.
Stark’s Favorite: This is a proper tribute to 50 years of Bond, James Bond
Schmidty’s Favorite: Rubik’s Cube Juggling

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