The Overwatch League has now been going on since January 10th and we won’t see an ending until mid-July, where an overall champion team will be taking home 1 million US dollars.

But I know what you may be asking? What is The Overwatch League? Well, let me tell you!

The Overwatch League is a massive eSports tournament where teams, representing city’s from around the world, will compete in the video game Overwatch for money. It was put together by Blizzard Entertainment which means not only is it legit, but it’s designed by professional game makers and put out by the team producing the game, meaning the advertising and money behind it is massive, more than most eSports tournaments.

If you’re still having trouble understanding the Overwatch League, let me get even more basic. The MLB is to Baseball, what the OWL (Overwatch League) is to the game Overwatch.

We will be covering more info on the OWL as it continues but for now, here is a video by showing a few of the big highlights and funniest moments from the second stage and second week of the league:



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