As Zuke mentioned in an earlier post, you have obviously found that we have moved. While we tried to keep it quiet, somehow you were able to follow us. Freakin’ stalkers…

Anyways, moving to a new domain is always fun. We have done a few things with the site now that it’s using WordPress that we couldn’t do using Blogger.

I’ve been busy today doing some things around here. For instance, the site is now Gravatar enabled. That means that that if you would like to have an icon appear next to your post when you leave a comment, you can. Just go to Gravatar and sign up. If you don’t have a Gravatar, the Gravatar logo will appear instead

In addition to Gravatar support, I’ve also added a page that has polls on it. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. We’ll post questions with sometimes witty answers that you can choose from. I have a widget that will eventually end up in the sidebar but the formatting isn’t right. I’ll have to fix it before we make it available.

If there is something else that you would like to see us do with this site, be sure to let us know. You can use our new contact page or just leave a comment.


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Co-founder/show host/producer of Stolendroids. If you’ve listened to our shows, you know that I’m a geek. Anyone who says differently doesn’t know me very well. If it has anything to do with computers, video games, toys, comic books, or sci-fi, you can count me in. Also, I aim to misbehave.

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  • Yay for gravatar. Sounds like a doomsday device we could use to suck planets out of orbit. But post pictures are good too!

  • Unless you’re me, evidently. 🙁

  • zohner

    Nice chicken, Zuke.