For as big of a geek as I am, I’m not very excited for the new Incredible Hulk movie. The first one was such a disappointment that I could really care less about the sequel. Or retelling. Whatever…

Anyway, I haven’t been very excited until yesterday when I saw new footage starring none other than Tony Stark himself. Personally, I think that Tony Stark is a huge douche but I loved Iron Man. I thought that Robert Downey, Jr. was amazing. The fact that he makes a cameo in this movie makes me actually want to go see it. How sad is it that I’m more excited to go see a character that I don’t like than the movie itself?

I tried to embed the video here but appear to be technically retarded today.  Go here to check it out for yourself.

[Zuke’s Note: Fixed for the “Technologically Impaired.”]


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  • Squishy

    It is something of a sad statement about the studio’s faith in a movie when they have to sell it with a glorified cameo from a better more popular movie. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be among the unwashed masses seeing it first weekend. I’ve just had to lower the bar a little bit more thanks to this advert.

  • The studio probably looks at franchises like The Hulk in the same way they look at Batman and Star Trek:

    “Wow, the last one was REALLY bad. Really, REALLY bad. We’ve totally lost all consumer faith in the brand. We cannot possibly do another movie unless we pull out all the stops. Or reboot it all and say the last one never happened.”