The Generic Geek Podcast is back and this time we’re talking super heroes! Word has it that David Tennant will be returning for season 2 of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Hear our thoughts on what his role will be. And while we’re on the subject of Marvel’s Netflix shows, it looks like Daredevil is going to start filming season 3 in the near future. When we we expect the show to return to the small screen? We speculate…

We also talk big changes with the upcoming Justice League movie. Rumors are that Joss Whedon is making some big changes since taking over for Zack Snyder as director with a number of reshoots and a new ending? What does this mean for the future of the DCEU?

And did you really think we wouldn’t talk about the DuckTales reboot? Collin gives us his thoughts on the first episode.

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