Today I learned that nerd rage has always been a thing. These days, whenever a casting announcement is made for a popular movie, TV show, etc., it’s a given that nerds will take to the Internet to express their displeasure with the announcement, and then proceed to list off why they are right and everyone else is wrong. This is the world in which we live…

I told you that, so that I can tell you this…

I recently discovered NerdSync’s YouTube channel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, they are devoted to using comic books as a tool to help us understand our crazy world. They cover a variety of topics ranging from various super hero histories to why something was done with a particular character, but it always comes back to comics which is why I love what they’re doing so much. (It’s a great channel that you should check out.)

Today they released a video detailing the history of the Adam West Batman series from 1966. (They did an amazing job and you need to watch it.) While I already knew much of what was covered in the video, I wasn’t aware of the fact that fans of the comic were not happy with how Batman was portrayed on the small screen. So today I learned that as long as there have been nerds, they have raged over the things that they love.

What things do you get nerd rage over? Do you feel that it is ever justified? For me, it’s Jared Leto’s performance as The Joker in Suicide Squad. And yes, rage in that instance is very justified.

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