Here is a brief montage of some of the most Badass moments in movie history. Let me know what you think. It’s nothing fancy, but hey its my first try at a video edit.


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  • Zuke

    I have issues with a couple of those.

    #4- Yeah, it was pretty manly the way Han didn’t say “i love you too” or something like that. But I don’t know if that’s badass or not.

    #2- I believe Yoda had two better moments in Episode 3; first when he threw the lightsaber into a clone trooper’s chest, ran up his body to retrieve it and leap up onto another one, and finally when he enters the emperor’s chambers by simply taking out the two guards.

  • Jeremiah

    I’m going to have to concur with Zuke on #2. Yoda walking into a room and taking out two guards with the flick of his wrist was pretty sweet.

    Samuel L. Jackson was pretty hardcore in Pulp Fiction. I’m glad to see that he made the list.

  • Steve

    While agree that the saber throw, and dispatch of the emporers guards was quite badass, they didn’t have the initial impact of the draw his lightsaber. For the first time ever when he pulled it out with the force we finally saw why he is “Yoda”.

    For decades we wondered why he such a revered Jedi Master, but now we know. Not only was he the genius trainer, but he was a great warrior. By the time of the other two events we had already accepted that fact thanks to this moment.

    As for #4, no one could argue that Solo’s reply is one of the coolest lines ever. Here was a guy heading to an uncertain fate, staring down the woman he loved who had just expressed that to him for the first time, and what does he do? He replies with the most pimp line ever. Just that moment is badass in so many ways.

  • Bryan Schmidt

    I agree with you on the Yoda scene. That was probably the most exciting and memorable scenes of Yoda fighting, because it was our first view of him in action. Sure, the other scenes are awesome, but you never forget your first time 😉

  • Bryan Schmidt

    and as for #5, I’ve never seen it, so I would have picked the Indiana Jones scene where he meets up with a guy wielding swords. He then calmly takes out his gun and shoots him.

  • Zuke

    I suggest we get a second list, and split it from this list.

    5 Most Manly Moments vs 5 Most Badass Moments.

    Solo’s line was certainly manly. Just not all that baddass. I’m with Schmidty with the Indiana Jones scene (even had it suggested to me by Andrew this weekend). It’s right along side Bond in a match with a karate expert, and as the expert bows to him to start the match, James just kicks him straight in the face.

  • Bryan Schmidt

    Oooh. nice one! I forgot about that one. I think Bond needs his own Top 5 Badass moments list.