The Pokemon Company International announced on Monday that Mewtwo would be coming to raid battles in Pokemon GO! Mewtwo has already been in the game for Japanese users, and is finally joining the rest of the worlds servers! Mewtwo comes with a new mechanic – exclusive raid battles. In order to join an exclusive raid you have to have beaten a raid at the gym where the new exclusive battle is taking place.

So in order to catch Mewtwo, you have to beat a LOT of raids in a LOT of gyms and then when he pops up at one of these, you can join in and do your best to catch him too! Mewtwo is supposed to be the first of many more exclusive raid bosses. There is no roster of what other Pokemon we will see join the game with this new mechanic, but I’m sure they’re gonna be awesome!

In the same email, Pokemon announced that they are giving away Mega Stone codes for Gardivore, Gallade, Loppuny, and Diancie. Grab the code from their site here.

What Pokemon do you wanna see in Pokemon GO!? Let us know in the comments!

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