Here are at Stolendroids, we aren’t exactly known for our hard hitting exposés, but we will occasionally report on stories that may seem, or even are, controversial. This week we’re gonna take on the #MakeMineMilkshake topic, and how in the 21st century we somehow have to defend the idea that women can have a place in the world of comic books. What I’m about to say is probably going to alienate the third of the Internet that I already actively ignore, but what the heck; let’s go all in.

The Basics

Heather Antos (@HeatherAntos), an editor at Marvel Comics who happens to be female, went for milkshakes with a group of female editors (and other assorted roles) at Marvel, and posted an innocent enough photo to Twitter (seen above).

This is literally where everything should have ended. But it didn’t. Instead the “Geeks” and “True Nerds” of the world decided that this was their new cause – running women out of the comic book industry. They blasted this stranger, albeit well a known and well liked editor of some of their favorite series, but still a stranger to them, with a ton of hateful rhetoric about how women are ruining comics, and how they are “Fake Geek Girls” or, the go to favorite of internal trolls everywhere, “SJW.” (See grabs below.)


Now, can someone please explain to me how this is an appropriate response to a photo from a work outing? Explain to me how that in the 21st century it’s still unacceptable for women to hold jobs in the “Geek” world. I’ll wait…

That lull of silence you just experienced was the collective Internet catching its breath as it prepares to explain to me how they aren’t anti-feminism and it’s really the woman’s fault that all of this happened. I have to imagine that these are the same people who rooted for Josh Gad to end up with the girl in Pixels. These are the same people who are actually causing the decline in comic book sales; the same ones that are accusing women for causing the decline of comics.

But let’s take a step back for moment and walk through how this should have gone.

@HeatherAntos: Posts photo on Twitter
Rest of the Internet: “Awesome! They are having a team outing. Keep up the great work!”
Scene Ends

I really is that easy. Its being that easy is why I mostly stay off of Twitter and it’s hateful platform for idiocy (I post this knowing good and well that this article will end up on Twitter eventually)

What I Would Like to See

I want all those faceless/nameless Twitter users out there to take a step back and really think about what they are posting. Ask yourself this, A) Are women really the downfall of the comic industry? B) OR am I (faceless/nameless) to blame, because I stopped buying comics over the fact that woman now holds an editor position at Marvel?

I’ll give you a hint, the correct answer is B. Suck it up and enjoy the comics like the rest of us.


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