Logitech Harmony 890

Beautiful, isn't it?

Okay, I know that Zohner posted a few months ago about his Logitech Harmony One, but I have to add to the hype because I am a long time fan of Logitech, and I just upgraded from the Advanced model (for Xbox 360) to the 890 model

Now, on top of all of the Harmony’s hype, this model includes an RF Extender.  This means that the components I don’t need direct physical access to, I can hide.  I can also control my entertainment center without worrying about line-of-sight, or I can be in a different room.  

Another feature that I like about this one that I didn’t have in the last one is that I can set favorite channels with customized icons.  When I am in the “Watch TV” activity, for example, I have quick access to my favorite HD channels: History HD and Discovery HD.  

This model also feels sturdier.  It doesn’t feel like it’s going to break if I drop it (and believe me, it has dropped many times).  The charging station also eliminates the need for batteries.

Now, to reiterate a little bit about what Zohner said in his post about the Hamony One, it does take a while to set up.  But it is all worth it.  The software it comes with is pretty self-explanatory and does a pretty good job at working out any kinks you may have in your setup.  I would recommend a Harmony Remote (any model) to anyone that is juggling more than one remote to control their entertainment center.  It is well worth the investment.  

In addition to controlling all my entertainment center units, I have also installed quite a bit of X-10 hardware throughout my house.  With this technology, I am able to control lights, appliances, and eventually even my thermostat and sprinkler system, all with my remote.  What could be better?


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  • zohner

    Being privy to cool stuff before it comes out on the market has its benefits. Now that Logitech has it up on their site, I can say that the Harmony 1100 is also a nice option. OK, that’s a bit of an understatement; it’s freaking amazing. It’s $499 price tag will keep a lot of users away but if you can afford it, get one.,en

  • Schmidty

    Yes, the 1100 would be optimal. I think many people would shy away from it because it’s not your typical “remote” size and shape. But for us technophiles, it’s a must. (as far as our finances permit, that is)