As Zuke recently pointed out I tend to leave comments on posts that are long enough to be posts themselves. So on this one I decided to just write my remarks out as a full blown rant.

I realize that as a grown man of 64 George Lucas does not need me to protect his honor. I’m sure that internet posters ripping everything he’s done with the Star Wars license since 1983 doesn’t keep him up nights. Nor does he care that some think his recent efforts have been the worst betrayal of holy work since Judas Iscariot. While I, as with most of the interweb, have not always loved everything that has come out of the “House That Skywalker” built, I have really liked most of it. I loved Episode I. While I don’t think that it was entirely necessary, and could have probably been done better as the first 30 minutes of Act 1, it did a good job (Though that’s a post for another time). As a movie with slightly more hype than the Second Coming, there is no way it could have lived up to expectations. Despite this I think he did a great job. Same with the next two prequels. I think that Episode III was one of the finest big CG movies ever, and anyone who says they didn’t get a major fanboy stiffy during both the first space battle, and the final saber duel, is lying through their Cheetos encrusted teeth.

For a man who single handedly changed the ways that movies are made; brought computer effects to the place they are now, pioneered quality theater sound with his THX certification, created two of the greatest cinema franchises in history, and created his own company that among its other achievements (such as creating many, or most, of the great special effects seen in movies of the last quarter of the 20th century and beyond) helped to spawn Pixar. These are just a few of his contributions to American cinema, not to mention what Lucas Arts did for video games.

The reason I point this out is to ram home a statement that I would love to broadwave out to all. “If you think his movies suck so bad, stop giving him your money and go make your own.” With what is commercially available today at any Circuit City your average person, with a modest camera, could make a movie with effects that far surpass what Lucas gave us in the summer of 76. By the time he was my age George Lucas had written and directed numerous movies, helped edit one of my favorite films The Godfather, and begun work on a story that would quite literally change the world. What have you done by 30?

So I guess my point is that while he’s not perfect, and instead of nit picking about the quality of sequels that we BEGGED him to make, we should show some respect for one of the great visionaries of our time. The sequals we have been given are exactly what we should have expected, without 20 years of rose colored glass. And if we think that it could be done better, go do it ourselves. Yes he made changes, and continues to add things to his past work that I don’t agree with, but they’re his work. If we think that it can be done better, prove us right.

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