New Red Dwarf episode from the BBC?  Could it be true?

The PBS station in Steattle, KCTS 9 hosted Robert Llewellyn (aka Kryten) for a 20th Anniversary Celebration of Red Dwarf on Sunday, August 24th.  To advertise the event Robert recorded a special promo seen here:

On this video he states that he has some special news about the future of the show and that he was saving it for his visit.

Fans watched the show and posted a report on the official Robert Llewellyn message boards.  Here is that link:

At KCTS Robert announced that BBC Worldwide has commisioned a 1 hour episode of Red Dwarf.  The script is in the final stages now and should be filming in October of 2008.  He wouldn’t provide any details on the plot.

So far my search has only turned up these two items.  As I come accross more information, I’ll post it here.

(now commencing happy Dalek dance)

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