Joker premiered on Saturday at the Venice Film Festival to an eight-minute-long standing ovation, Variety reportsIn addition to the red-carpet premiere, there were two press screenings, both of which were packed, with the second one also drawing loud applause during the closing credits.

The film is garnering a lot of early buzz. There are even some saying that Joaquin Phoenix will be nominated for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck, the mentally troubled sad-sack who transforms into the legendary villain hell-bent on spreading violence and destruction.

Even though Joker is part of the DC Comics universe, the film stands alone as an origin story. There are no appearances by Batman; however, Thomas Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are in the movie.

The next stop for Joker is Toronto where it will appear in the Toronto International Film Festival. It opens in theaters nationwide on October 4th.

The film currently has a rating of 86% on RottenTomatoes.