I like politics.  In fact, I’m a political geek.  I love the political process and and all that goes with it.

Let me catch everyone up to speed.  Recently, John McCain compared Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.  Well, Paris Hilton has come back with a rebuttal to Senator McCain that makes me very, very afraid.  Why am I so afraid?  Because apparently sometime in the last 24 hours hell finally froze over.  It’s the only explanation for the intelligent words coming out of Paris Hilton’s mouth.  She is a person that will give you gonorrhea in your eyes just by looking at her.  She is everything that’s wrong with America’s fascination with celebrity.  She has a better energy policy than either of the two presidential candidates.  WHAT?!

Thankfully this is just an attempt by the people at Funny or Die to spread humor and quite possibly eye herpes. Should Paris Hilton ever actually run for political office, the world as we know it would cease to exist. I’m confident that the planet would spin off its axis and send us hurtling through space until we collided with a planet of superior beings thus effectively destroying two civilizations.


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  • That’s really funny. And scary.

  • Squishy

    Yeah I saw that on CNN last night and laughed my butt off. It made me wonder if I had somehow slipped into the magical world of Oz, cause you’re right she does have a pretty good idea.

    “See you at the debate bitches.” My personal prediction for the new catch phrase of this election cycle.