We’ve talked before, both on our posts and in podcasts, about the “Uncanny Valley”; that feeling when looking at CGI humans, “they’re real, but they’re not real”.  CGI movies usually avoid this by making their subjects toys, or cars, or bugs so we don’t read too much into it.  However, CGI movies that predominantly feature human subjects always end up a little odd.  We can tell their skin isn’t right.  Their eyes just seem a little dead.  Their emotions all seem too forced, like they are mimicking something that was identified as “happy” instead of actually being happy.

Leave it to Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg to take us in the right direction.  I admit I scoffed when the news came out they were doing a TinTin movie, however after seeing this trailer I am all in!  It’s like an “Uncharted” for kids!

<a href=';mkt=en-gb&#038;src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='MSN Exclusive: The Adventures of Tintin - trailer' >Video: MSN Exclusive: The Adventures of Tintin &#8211; trailer</a>


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  • Dr Squishy

    I think we’re getting close to believably realistic environments, but the faces are still a few years off.