In three separate movies that I’ve watched this year, I’ve seen the same actress . . . get snubbed.  Olga Kurylenko (who, as best I can tell, is not a leper) has been in Hitman, Max Payne, and Quantum of Solace.  Her role has varied from film to film as one would expect and she seems to do well with whatever material is given to her (not saying much for two of those three).


However, one thing that is constant is that the male star seems to have absolutely no interest in her at all!

May Payne

May Payne

Photoshoot for Quantum of Solace

Photoshoot for Quantum of Solace



In two of the three movies she is topless and just about begging to guy to have some fun with her, and she’s shut down each time.  Not even Bond has a roll with her.  Of course, she’s a little more angsty in QoS than most Bond Girls are, but it’s never stopped him before!!

It’s not like I go to a movie expecting a sex scene, however they happen (either shown or implied).  However if you go to a James Bond movie, you know that you are going to see stunts, cars, and women . . . to have one without those three things undoes all of creation or something (it’s in the Bible, somewhere in the back).

It’s not like I’m the only one to notice this with her.  Jeremy Clarkson even brought it up in an interview with Mark Wahlberg on Top Gear.

What is going on here?

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  • zohner

    I haven’t seen the other two movies yet, but in Hitman, Agent 47 was obviously retarded. Just look at him. He’s a clone gone awry. This would also help explain why the movie was such a turd sandwich.

  • Dr Squishy

    Reverse of Zohner I’ve seen Max and QoS but not Hitman, mostly cause it looked like the great turd sandwich he claimed. In Max Payne I think it was a combo of the characters pinning for his wife, and the fact that had a desire for his willie to not fall off. She looked kind of like a germ farm in the movie. SImilar in QoS Bond was mourning his lost “love”, but that didn’t stop him from bumping uglies with Ms Strawberry Fields (in my opinion one of the finest Bond girl names in years). Or it might have been Bond’s problem buying the Ukrainian born model as Central American, I know I didn’t.

  • Come on . . . I don’t think he has problems “buying a character”. Anyone remember Christmas Jones? Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist?