After last weeks Democratic convention I became motivated. Motivated to register, and to vote. To actually learn more about what is going on in the world around me. Then the morning after Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech another bombshell was dropped. The Republicans, the Grand Old Party of old white men named a 44 year old 1st term Alaskan Governor as the Vice Presidential nominee to a man who is 72 years old, and has had cancer. Granted it was skin cancer, but cancer is cancer.

Despite what the “Red Side” is trying to tell me I don’t dislike her because she is a woman. I really don’t even have a problem with her being young and incredibly inexperienced. Or that she is under investigation for influencing state officials, or that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Or that she was not McCain’s 1st choice, but merely a concession to the far right of his party. I have a problem with her because I disagree with her on practically every issue. She’s in favor of making abortion illegal, I’m always in favor of a citizens right to chose. Same goes for her belief in banning gay marriage, and denying survivor benefits for gay couples. Again I feel that all people have the right to choose, so long as it doesn’t affect my life.
She claims to be a “reformer” who will fight against the rampant government spending. Yet her state spends more than ten times as much per citizen as the national average, and that is after massive cuts in the budget one year ago.

Both she and Senator McCain represent four more years of style that have lead to one of the darkest times in American history. A time of near financial collapse, war, terror, fear, and xenophobia. Is this what we want? Or do we need policies that focus on the environment, economy, and improving our world image to no longer be viewed as blood crazy christian fundamentalist (With an emphasis on mental).

Why has “liberal” become a dirty word, and yet “conservative” is viewed as smart and responsible? No one has ever achieved anything great by acting conservatively. Chuck Yeager, Neil Armstrong, Lance Armstrong, The Wright brothers, Bill Gates, Tom Brady, Nolan Bushnell, and many many more. Practically everyone who has ever achieved true greatness has bucked the status quo to achieve greatness. In politics some choose to lead with a bright vision of the future; JFK, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln. These were all men with visions that defied the accepted logic, and broke from the way things are done.

If I were to sum up my opinion of the options for this Presidential election I would say that it is a matter of one major choice. Do you think that things are fine how they are, or do you feel we need a change? If you feel that a change is needed who do you think will bring it? The one who is a career politician who’s greatest claim of authority is that he was a P.O.W., or someone who is promising great change and hope. One promises more war, replaying Vietnam assured that we can win this time. Or the other who promises to follow the will of the people, and get us out. I am not downplaying Senator McCain’s military service, or time as a prisoner of war. These are things that say a great deal about his character. However it does not mean that he should run the country simply because his plane was shot down.

I realize that this is primarily a geek blog, and I’m a great fan of it.  I am also a great fan of democracy, and the American system. These are my thoughts, and they may conflict with some of yours, and that’s ok. That is the beauty of our system. We are allowed, and I think encouraged, to disagree with each other in a civil and respectful manner. We have the glorious right as citizens to voice our opinions in the public forum.

This was by far the topic that I felt my interest leaning towards this week. I suppose I’ll know if any of you feel the same based on how many responses it gets. Let me know what, if any, thoughts you