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  • Halley

    I love when they’re showing previews of the new seasons shows they are just a dozen or so half second spliced together pieces of the main female character gasping, the main male character getting slapped across the face, something burning on fire, someone yelling “He’ll pay for what he did to me!” Etc.

  • Squishy

    I tried to get back into BSG this season, I really tried. However I eventually found myself reading the recap of episodes on TWOP, and not feeling like I’d missed much other than saving myself another hour to….. Well I don’t know what but it has to be better than Sci Fi that is trying so hard to be serious “Drama” that every character on the show seems to be on the verge of suffering a major psychotic break and collectively stepping out an airlock.

    Sci Fi should be social commentary. It should try to have themes deeper than “Which green chick will Kirk bang today” but this show is bordering levels of pretension that rival Six Feet Under.

  • zohner

    Personally, I love BSG. I think that it’s one of the best shows on television. Every week when I finish watching it, I can’t wait for more. Granted, there is a lot of drama on the show but that’s part of what makes it compelling for me.

  • I just had issues with the whole Earth part of Friday’s show. Which, granted, is an awfully big part of the series.

  • Squishy

    There’s Drama, and then there’s Melodrama. While I’ve overall been a fan of the show since the mini series. It has been doing a polka over this line all season long.

    Also if you’re going to start out every ep with a tease that the fifth will be revealed, you kinda have to do it. A playwright once said, “If you’re going to bring a gun on stage in the first Act, someone had better shoot it by the third.” I know there is another season coming, but the fifth was the big tease of the whole season. Then to not only not reveal, but to make it pretty much unnecessary with the discovery of Earth, just seems a little silly.

  • zohner

    Excellent point about the fifth Cylon. They have been teasing it way too much. Now that they’re on Earth, the fifth’s identity is sort of needless.

  • Well, it isn’t needless. However they are going to have to pretty much create a whole new story arc for the fifth, since it wasn’t in the fleet.

    “Oh, btw, the fifth was in on Earth the whole time. It created all the other cylons you see now, and then sent them out to the other 12 colonies. You never knew of this story line because we didn’t think of it until now!”

  • There are times I watch BSG and think it’s the best SF on TV. Then there are times that I’m annoyed at another episode of JAG in Space.

    I have my own theories on “The Fifth Cylon.” It is so left of center that I’ll share it with those who ask via email instead of posting it here.

    One thought that hit me when the fleet was orbiting Earth: “Hey we are about to start Galactica: 1980. Where are the flying bikes?”