Or The Freeware Strikes Back.  Choose your title.  I won’t be offended.

Last week I published a post about some of my favorite freeware utilities that I like to use before I reinstall Windows.  They don’t need to be used exclusively before a reinstall, but they have proven to be very useful to me.  There are a few more free apps that helped me as I reformatted two different computers on five different occasions over the past few weeks so I thought I’d bring them to your attention.

With all of the product keys that are required to legally use software these days, it can sometimes be difficult to keep everything straight.  Produkey will scan your computer for installed Microsoft programs and then provide detailed information about them such as product keys and product IDs.  All that you need to do is run a scan and then print out the results.  It’s a very handy tool that no geek should be without.

GParted Live CD
How many times have you needed to create or modify a partition on a drive but didn’t want to go through the lengthy process of doing so?  There are some great programs available that make this very easy but they usually cost money.  GParted Live CD is, of course, free.  I’ve used both Partition Magic and GParted Live CD.  After using GParted, I’ll probably never go back to Partition Magic.  The interface is self-explanatory and proved very easy to use.  You should add this one to your list of must have tools.

Now that we’ve covered a few applications that will come in handy before you reformat your computer, it’s time to move onto those that will make your computer useful.  I’ll cover some of these in part three of our series.

Y’all come back now!  Ya hear?

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