The host that Stolen Droids sits on has recently done some migration work on their servers. Basically, they’ve moved from one server to another. This can get kinda tricky when a single account (like this one) actually has MANY websites and subdomains under it.

For whatever reason, every site that is on this account has been shuffled off this internet coil except Stolen Droids.  While I greatly appreciate the fact that our most visited (and technically complex) site has not been deleted, it doesn’t really help me bring back any of the other sites that just suddenly don’t exist anymore.  The account is actually under fellow SD member Schmidty, who graciously allows us space and pays for the monthly bill.

I’ve done many migrations before myself, and I know that they can be a real pain in the rear if you don’t plan accordingly for the project at hand.  The best way to avoid this kind of issue is to . . . well, PLAN for the project at hand.

Allow me to give you a snippet of the message we got warning us about the move.

Your username and cPanel password will remain the same.

* Migration Date: December 24, 2009

* Migration Start Time: 10:00 AM MST

* Migration End Time: (estimate) 08:00 PM MST
* Old Server IP:

This move was supposed to take 10 hours and, according to the rest of the email, the only real issue we’d suffer was the global DNS system having to replicate the new IP address of the servers.  It is now January 8th.  A 10 hour move is now in it’s 380th hour.  According to the host’s technical support, they have moved 320 of 856GB of data.  Just doing some rough math puts that at a speed of 234KB/second (or about 1.8Mbps).  For comparison, a modern DSL connection is about 6Mbps.  My connection here at work is 10Mbps.  A USB connection is 480Mbps.  Most modern data centers use Gigabit Ethernet to move data which moves at (as the name suggests) 1Gbps, or 1024Mbps.

So, somehow our host is managing to do this in the slowest way possible and in the mean time just leave all their customers out to dry.  Not kidding here; it’d be faster if they moved things by floppy disk!

Thankfully, they are remarkably easy to get ahold of.  In fact, the front page of their site has a handy chat box!  Of course, it’s meant for sales, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it too!

Ann A. [2:29:38 PM]: Thank you for contacting the Sales Team. Please give me a moment while I review your question.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:29:38 PM]: Why have you screwed up my site?
Ann A. [2:29:53 PM]: Hi, let me transfer you to tech support. One moment please.
Tyler [2:32:17 PM]: Thank you for contacting our Live Chat! Please be patient as I am often on several different chats at once. Thank you!

FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:32:17 PM]: Why have you screwed up my site?
[2:32:54 PM]: Hello?
[2:33:04 PM]: {site name removed}
[2:33:12 PM]: and nearly every other site on the account

Tyler [2:34:19 PM]: Let me take a look here.
Tyler [2:41:11 PM]: Yes you’re account is being migrated.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:41:30 PM]: And has been for quite some time, it seems.
[2:41:46 PM]: Before, when I was told that the data had simply been lost, I recreated the site.
[2:42:13 PM]: Now, the data is all still there (according the file manager anyway), but you get a 404 whenever you try and hit the site.

Tyler [2:43:36 PM]: That is most likely due to the migration. Nothing will be concrete until the migration is finished.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:43:51 PM]: So the old site is inaccessible
[2:43:58 PM]: the new site is inaccessable
[2:44:04 PM]: and the ETR on this is . . . when?

Tyler [2:45:59 PM]: It looks like a few days to a week, due to the large amount of files and disk space.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:47:36 PM]: OK, when we got the notification from you that a migration would be happening, it wasn’t exactly made clear at that time that 1) everything would go FUBAR on us, and 2) it would be that way for up to a month.
Tyler [2:49:28 PM]: I’m sorry about that. It is a very large account.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:51:03 PM]: I understand that, and I can feel for your situation.
[2:51:34 PM]: But is this the only account this is happening to? Shouldn’t this have been taken into consideration when the migration was being planned?

Tyler [2:52:13 PM]: the migration is a script that is automated, there is really no way for us to estimate the duration of the migration.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:53:01 PM]: Well, in the future, you might want to consider creating yourself a new script.

Now, I’m not going to go and blast the name of our host (though anyone who knows what a WHOIS search is won’t have any problems figuring it out).  Part of me fears that if I anger them too much, Stolen Droids will also be wiped out.  I’m tempted to be grateful that everything here is working perfectly . . . that is until I see that WordPress wants to upgrade the database to the newest version.  Again.  Like it has done every time I’ve logged in for the last few weeks!

So, if we’re not here suddenly, you know why.  In the mean time, I think I’m going to try and make some offline backups!


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