Hawkeye is the latest in a long string of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who will be ending up on Disney+.

Variety reports that Jeremy Renner will star in a series featuring everyone’s favorite MCU archer, Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye is currently in development for Disney’s new Disney+ streaming service. The project is rumored to be an exit point for Hawkeye where he will pass the torch to his protégé, Kate Bishop. (For those unfamiliar with the character, Kate Bishop is a character from the comics who takes on the Hawkeye mantle after Barton. She is also a member of the Young Avengers.)

This is fueling speculation that we will see Kate Bishop in Avengers: Endgame. If you recall, in the second trailer, there is a scene where Hawkeye appears to be teaching a young lady how to shoot with a bow. Many originally assumed that it was his daughter, Lila. But what if Lila is actually Kate Bishop? Think about that one for a minute…
archersRepresentatives for Disney, Marvel, and Renner have all declined to comment.

Hawkeye isn’t the only Avenger to be getting his own TV series though. Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and Scarlet Witch and Vision are also rumored to have TV shows in development. Each series will be available on Disney+ and are expected to be between six and eight episodes each. They will be produced by Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige. No release date is currently available.