Superman 75For those of you who weren’t aware, 2013 marks Superman’s 75th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and DC animated universe overlord Bruce Timm created a two-minute animated short which highlights the hero’s adventures and incarnations over the years.

This all came about thanks to Zack Snyder. Bruce Timm said “We had approached him about maybe doing a short for the DC Nation program on Cartoon Network. He said, ‘I’ll think about it,’ and then he had this idea to do basically the entire history of Superman in, like, a minute. We said, ‘Okay … whoooo.’ We started working and quickly realized there was no way to do it, even in a minute.”

To make a short story shorter, the length of the short was doubled but there was still a lot that got left out. However, they still managed to incorporate the Red and Blue versions of the character. They also managed to get Jimmy Olsen’s turn as Turtle Man in the short. I’m just happy that they were able to include Doomsday. has more information, but if all you care about is seeing the short, which I think is probably the best thing you’ll see on the Internet today… then you’ll have to go to their site to check it out. Sadly, they’re not allowing any embedding or sharing of the video… yet. But it really is worth your time to go and watch.

Or, if you have no desire to click on the link and heed my recommendation, you can wait until Man of Steel comes out on Blu-Ray later next month. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

EDIT: Here is the video in all of its glory!


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