I know this post is a bit late for most people, but if you happen to read it in the next 5 minutes then I suggest you go to the link below.

Apollo 11 Radio Broadcast

They are rebroadcasting all the original transmissions between Apollo 11 and Mission Control from the Eagle’s lunar landing. In about 20 minutes, they will touch down!


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  • Dr Squishy

    When I think that my father had to use his camera to take a picture of hi TV just to be able to have a memento of it, I marvel at the technology we have at our fingertips today. I don’t know how much of our world was directly inspired by Tang, or zero G toilets, but I do know that the innovators of the last four decades were inspired by this moment of science and history perhaps more than any other. I told us that we can reach for the stars, even if we only get to walk on the moon.

    If you missed the radio broadcast then check out the History Channel tonight for their show, “Live from 69”. This is a rebroadcast of some of the actual CBS News/Walter Cronkite coverage of man’s first lunar landing.

    I vote that today be named a national holiday. Space Day perhaps.

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