Happy Halloween everyone!!


Like most holidays, Halloween is a little different now that I’m an adult.  As a kid, it was an easy day when school didn’t really matter, you wore your costume, and got candy.  As an adult, finding costumes the right size and that are what everyone really wants sucks, candy can get expensive, and the very real fear of letting your kids wander the neighborhood (or farther) at night is always there.

For me, it’s also the fact that I know I’m going to have to deal with teen-aged losers who are trying to trick-or-treat wearing black hooded sweatshirts.  Let me lay it out for everyone right now: No costume, no candy.  Emo is not a costume, it’s mental retardation.  Wearing all black doesn’t work either.  Go ahead and kick in my pumpkin; it’s hooked into a 240v line.

The way I see it, if you went out of your way to really dress up into an actual costume, then you can have a fun size Milky Way.  Of course, if that’s really your aspiration at 17 years old, then there’s probably a reason why you weren’t invited to the party across the street where all your classmates are actually having fun.  But hey, don’t let me get you down!  You enjoy that single serving of Smarties . . . you deserve it!


This does not get candy . . . this gets a beating.

This does not get candy . . . this gets a beating.

Also changed for me is the idea of haunted houses.  I was never really a fan of them as a kid (I was scared of a LOT of things), and the idea of spending money so some high school volunteers can jump out at me is even less appealing to me now.  

Instead, I find myself wanting to setup a haunted house for the neighborhood.  Of course, with neither the time nor money, it’s still a dream right now.  But one day . . . .

Listening to the radio ads for various haunted houses/villages/forests/whatever’s that are going on though, I heard an interesting one for This Is The Place State Park.  Within the park is a pioneer village (not a recreation, the actual buildings and everything) that they use as a haunted village every year.  In the ad, they point out that ghost hunters all over the nation have determined that the area actually IS haunted.

I’m trying to think how that’d matter.  This isn’t the Donner Party we’re talking about here, it’s Mormon pioneers who actually made it to the Salt Lake Valley and built homes there.  If I saw a ghost there, what’s it going to be doing?  Laundry?

Ghosts or not, some things just aren’t scary.

So, what’s everyone’s plans?

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  • Roy

    This year it’s just taking the kids trick-or-treating around the block. Like you I’d also like to do a haunted house of my own someday. My idea: set it up to look something like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or maybe “Goonies”. Pirate skeletons clinging to gold and jewels with all sorts of weaponry piercing their bones. Pretty elaborate, but it’d be really cool.

    First post on SD ever!!! 😀

  • zohner

    Give potatoes to teenagers. That’ll teach ’em good, it will. I’ll probably take my kids out around the neighborhood and give teenagers potatoes. I love your comment about emo kids. It is a mental disorder. Nobody that is sane cuts themselves for fun.