Got and the Inevitable Coronation of Jon Snow

From what I can tell season 7 of “Game of Thrones” just started; and can you tell me how I know? No it’s not the relentless social media barrage form HBO, and no it’s not the harping of Jon Snow fan boys either… Well maybe it’s a little bit of the harping. (I’m looking at  you Eric and Maggie.)

The answer I was looking for is the incalculable (I’m exaggerating here, don’t email my editor complaining. I don’t think that he cares) number of office email chains that I’ve somehow gotten sucked into.  Attempting to dissect every scene, every little piece of dialog in a 30 person email chain is obscene. And hopeless, from what little I can glean of George RR Martin I can tell that he is pretty spiteful. So the second one of those hints get discovered or the general public gets a little to close the answer he is going to change it all up. Yes, stop shouting, I know that HBO has move beyond the books but Martin is still very much involved and still very spiteful. But in the interest of fair play, I’m going to save you 15 hours and tell you how the series ends.

JON SNOW becomes King and gets a pet dragon of his own, and probably has sex. And that’s just what I was able to figure out from the wikipedia pages. Can someone tell me how  you’ve been able to commit 3600+ minutes to a single tv series. I can’t even remember to tune into Power Rangers every Saturday; let alone an hour long series on Sunday nights. Lets not even talk about the fact that comes on well past my bed time.




Leave us your thoughts on the series in the comments, and I’ll respond eventually even if I don’t agree!

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