It seems that we recorded this episode a day too soon this week since a lot of news (like the Star Wars trailer) happened to come out the following day. I guess that’s what we get for trying to be effective. Don’t worry on that though. There will definitely be a podcast coming your way where we discuss some of what we missed.

As for tech news, Google seems to dominate our discussion with its decision to raise prices on YouTube TV. They’re doing some good stuff though when it comes to Microsoft Office files but then there’s the question of how long they’ll have products that will actually support what they’re doing. This is where the Google Graveyard comes into play. Did you know that Google’s average product lifespan is just over four years? That seems short to me. But with as many products as Google has, maybe it’s actually long.

One day we’ll figure this thing out. Until then, enjoy this week’s show.


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