This Samsung S10 5G has seen better days.

Samsung is up to their old tricks with phones that explode and Collin is up to his old ways of dying again, but this week he’s doing it in Ireland where they filmed scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Apparently, if you upset the Ahch-To Nuns, they’ll toss you right off the side of a cliff. No worries though as Jake from Movies That Make Us was kind enough to fill in and provide his always entertaining insight into the news of the week.

Speaking of… Google continues to prove to consumers that if you buy their hardware, you’ll regret your decision. Kind of like if you bought Uber stock the morning of their IPO. Also, it seems that Disney may be turning Hulu into a grown-up version of Disney+ and a familiar face is returning to video game consoles. And while we’re on the subject of video games, how about them loot boxes? Aren’t they just the worst? Well, there’s a U.S. Senator who seems to think so and he’s taking steps to make them illegal. I really don’t like government getting involved in basically anything, but I’m all for this.


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