It’s nice to see advertisers get it right when trying to use video games to sell. I don’t like Pontiac, but I love this ad!


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  • Schmidty

    Very cool. Strangely I now have the desire to play Spy Hunter. I remember loving going to Chuck E Cheese’s just so I could play this game 😀

  • zohner

    That is a very cool commercial. If driving a Pontiac is like playing Spy Hunter, then I need to go get a Pontiac. I’m sure my insurance rates will go up because I was never really good at that game but man did I love it.

  • Bryan Schmidt

    But really… How often do you have people trying to destroy you. How often do you find spike strips and oil slicks in the road? But, at least you know that if you get a Pontiac, you’ll be more than ready in case you do encounter those things.