On a very special episode, Zohner, Collin, and Tracy are on location at Quirky Engine Family Game Store in Kaysville, UT. And to make things even better, they are joined by three awesome ladies to discuss dating in the geek community. Listen to Whitney, Sara Jane, and Christie share their thoughts with our panel of geeks. Come learn about dating do’s and dont’s, hover hands, what types of guys are more respectful to cosplayers, and which one of our guests gets lots of marriage proposals and which one gets sent unsolicited nudes.

Beware, given the subject of the episode, it may be considered by some to be mildly NSFW in parts.

Thanks to Whitney, Sara Jane, Christie, and Quirky Engine Family Game Store for helping make this show so fun. And be sure to check out Super Sonic Speed Dating and Ultimate Fandom Online to show our guests some love.

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Finally, this is the TMNT RPG that Zohner was talking about on the episode.


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