indy-bb8 It's yet another episode of the Generic Geek Podcast in which Zohner gets irritated by movie studios, lots of Star Wars is discussed, and we take a trip to the movies to discuss a whole slew of new trailers that are sure to tickle your geek bone. We also learn that Zuke lacks a soul as we talk about our favorite Christmas movies! Come gather 'round, grab your secret decoder ring, and be sure to drink your Ovaltine!

More Superman spoilers Group doesn't understand how the Internet works Star Wars is still racist Star Wars: Despecialized Edition Independence Day: Resurgence Star Trek Beyond X-Men: Apocalypse Christmas movie discussion NOTE: Yes, I know that it wasn't Gunthy|Renker that made the old Christmas TV shows and that it was actually Rankin/Bass. We were on a roll and I realized my mistake after the words escaped my mouth, but didn't get a chance to verify and correct during the show.

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